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Core Entrustables in Clinical Pharmacology

26 May 2017
Welcome to the "Core Entrustables in Clinical Pharmacology: Pearls for Practice" Themed Issue!

Clinical Pharmacology teaching has been reduced greatly in many medical schools which is reflected in the lack of understanding of basic principles of drug use during medical residency training. The American College of Clinical Pharmacology (ACCP) believes that this lack of formal teaching has created a substantial deficiency in the training of physicians as they progress through medical residency programs. As a result, the ACCP, working with the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) has developed a series entitled: "Core Entrustables in Clinical Pharmacology: Pearls for Practice." These articles, written by a multidisciplinary group of ACCP members, provides the reader with an overview of topics considered important to understand to optimize the use of drugs in patients. While the AAMC's activities are specific to medical training, these educational articles are appropriate for pharmacists, nurses, physician's assistants and other health care professionals to develop a basic understanding of the principles of clinical pharmacology. We believe that the material contained in this virtual issue can be used for years to come, as the basic concepts presented in the articles herein change little over time.

Pharmacometrics and Analysis Issue

Welcome to the Pharmacometric Analysis Themed Issue!

Pharmacometric analysis is a valuable tool in both drug development (healthy volunteers) and in determining pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in patients to optimize therapy. Additionally, pharmacometric analysis can assist in determining risk for recurrent diseases. This virtual issue is a compilation of important articles showing the application of pharmacometric analyses in determining optimal drug use in patients. Additionally, guidelines for reporting pharmacometric studies as well as a manuscript describing how pharmacometric analysis can be used to predict recurrent disease is included in this virtual issue.

This virtual issue consists of articles published in The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development.

Clopidogrel Issue

Welcome to the Clopidogrel Themed Issue!

While clopidogrel has been available for patient use since the late 1990’s the controversy surrounding the pharmacogenomics of the drug has continued. While major regulatory agencies have made the manufacturer revise the label to include warnings concerning the use of the drug with concurrent omeprazole/esomeprazole along with the potential for reduced efficacy in individuals possessing CYP2C19 null alleles, the data to support these recommendations is controversial.

This themed issue presents some interesting data to investigate these issues further. While the papers presented here may not put these issues to rest, they should provide food for thought to the prescribing community and to regulatory agencies.