Editor’s Choice

Preliminary Evidence for the Off-Label Treatment of Bulimia Nervosa With Psychostimulants: Six Case Reports

Bulima Nervosa (with accompanying binge/purge episodes) is a condition that affects people with and without attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). While persons with ADHD have a higher incididence of bulima nervosa (1.9%), those in the general population have an incidence of 0.4%. The use of psychostimulants in persons with bulima nervosa but without ADHD has been controversial. This month’s Editor’s Choice article present preliminary data on the use of psychostimulants in persons with bulima nervosa without ADHD. The authors found that the use of psychostimulants resulted in a positive effect on binge/purge days with one patient experiencing complete remission of symptoms. Further study of the use of psychostimulants in this condition in patients without ADHD is warranted.

-- Aaron Keshen and Thomas Helson,

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